How To Clean & Care For Your Jewelry

You've probably heard that diamonds are a girl's best friend and endure forever. These concepts were purposefully established by a creative advertising effort, and we still live by them today. Another popular belief is that a diamond ring should cost three months' pay. However, whether your ring is a family heirloom or a costly engagement gift, you want it to be gorgeous and sparkling.

Taking Care Of Your Jewelry.

  • Follow these basic guidelines to care for your jewelry CARE

  • "It is necessary to take care of the jewelry in order for it to sparkle and shine forever.

    While every item of jewelry is lovely, if we do not care for it properly, it will lose its luster."

  • We recommend removing your silver and solid gold jewelry before showering and washing your hands to avoid tarnish since silver reacts with water. Also, do not wear in a swimming pool or near the sea.

  • Avoid leaving your jewelry on chemically treated surfaces or wood, as they can taint or hasten the tarnishing process.

  • Do not spray perfume straight on your jewelery. Always wear jewelry after perfumed, especially neck and wrist jewelry.

  • Your jewelry will tarnish as it comes into touch with moisture and air. Squeeze out all the air before sealing it in a zip-lock bag.

  • We urge that you remove your pieces before going to bed or engaging in any strenuous activity to avoid mishaps that could damage your pieces.

  • Keep your jewelry in a box.
    Remember that jewelry should be stored individually in an airtight box to ensure that its luster lasts forever.

  • Avoiding touch with lotions and creams that may include acidic elements that react with your jewelry's metal. Avoid moisturizing areas of your skin that have come into contact with the pieces.


Clean your Jewelry We recommend that you clean your jewelry piece after each use with a gentle cotton. Do this once a week as a best practice.

Dish washing Soap and Warm Water
Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water and rub the jewelry with a soft cloth if it is dull, filmy, or starting to tarnish. Rinse with cool water and rub dry with a cloth.

Clean the metal first, then add the diamonds.
We recommend cleaning the metal first, then the diamond; this will make your diamond gleam.